Taking Less But More Useful Notes

General Tips

Being on time = organized notes. Your teacher will give you the headings when class first starts

If you’re not writing enough notes, go back and put down the relationships between concepts

If you’re writing too many notes, you may miss out on important information – write less and listen to understand

Review your notes to fill in missing info – clear explanations

What to Write

Don’t write down things you already know

Don’t write off topic things

Listen for compare and contrast – use tables

Write supporting information – especially for numeric answers

Write numbers – number of stages, criteria, components, and dates

Write questions in the margins and ask your teacher after class

Write “will be on test” and “won’t be on test” besides your notes

How to Write Less

Write in point form

Cut out repeat & useless words such as “a”, “the”, “are”, etc.

Use Arabic numeral of “1” not the word “one”

Use symbols

Abbreviate & cut punctuation

Your Notes Should Include


Main points for each concept in point form

Questions on left side in margins or top of page

Draw lines to connect 2 related concepts – cause & effect

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