Reading to Remember More

DON’T Read Everything in 1 Sitting

DO split up into many shorter reading sessions.

Take 5-10 minute power breaks – get up and walk around!

Make sure you have a time limit to your power breaks and follow them

Order of Reading

1. Summary questions

2. Summary paragraphs

3. Headings/ bold terms

4. Read the chapter Important Information

Look for bold terms; If no bold terms, look for names of people, places, events, and things


< 30% of a page and no more than 5 words consecutively

Highlight terms and definitions NOT examples

Highlight list and table names NOT its content

Highlight first and last sentence of a paragraph – intro and summary

Note Taking

Write down questions of concepts you don’t understand

Ask your teacher all the questions in one visit

Write possible test questions beside each paragraph or create questions page with answers

Good and Bad Places to Read

DON’T study on your bed, couch, dining table

DO get a hard, less comfortable chair to prevent falling asleep

Listen to music without words or to foreign songs so you don’t sing along

DON’T listen to the radio as it has distracting commercials

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