During the Test – Multiple Choice

General Tips

1. Read the question - think of answer before reading choices

2. Cross out choices that you know aren’t right  process of elimination increases your chances of being right

3. Pick the BEST answer

4. Watch out for keywords

5. Always guess if you don’t know – at least write something in since it may help you get points.


1. Absolutes are usually wrong; “sometimes” are usually correct

2. If answers look alike, probably one is correct

3. If answers look alike but they mean the same thing, then both are wrong

4. If answers are opposite, probably one is correct

5. Choose all of the above if you’re sure 2 choices are correct

6. Choose none of the above if you’re sure 2 choices are incorrect

Common Sense English

1. Look for “an”  answer must start with a vowel

2. If choice spelled incorrectly, then it’s wrong

3. Look for choices with words that appear in the question

4. Longest answer is usually correct answer as it’s most descriptive

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