During the Test – General

General Tips

1. Drink water to keep your brain functioning well and to calm you down

2. Read ALL instructions to avoid surprises and get free hidden marks!

3. Ask for clarification on confusing questions instead of trying to guess what the question’s asking you to do

Time Management

1. Decide what’s the time limit for each question

2. If you start to panic, breathe and tell yourself “I’m awesome. I’m the best!” and touch your thumb and index finger on your left hand together. (eliminate test anxiety exercise here)

3. Move on if you can’t figure out the question within the time limit you’ve set

Questions Order

1. Start with easy questions – you don’t need to do test in order

2. Be a detective and look for answers in other questions on the test

3. For reading comprehension questions or many questions based on 1 long paragraph, read the questions BEFORE the paragraph

Double Check

1. Star questions you’re not sure or don’t know so that you can come back to these

2. Write support for calculations in both written and multiple choice questions

3. Always double check if you have time

4. Can redo questions to see if new answer matches with original answer

5. If don’t have too much time, can just double check the starred questions

6. Only change an answer if you’re ABSOLUTELY sure it’s wrong

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